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The iconic MMORPG is now on your smartphone


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Ragnarok M Eternal Love is a remake of the classic Ragnarok Online for PC with remastered graphics and a control system adapted to touchscreens. So you can move, interact with other characters, and attack using simple touch gestures.

Just like what happens in the original Ragnarok Online, you have the possibility to select one of the six character classes available: swordsman, mage, archer, merchant, thief, and acolyte. As you level up, in addition to strengthening the attributes of the hero, you can also advance the aptitudes of your class. For example, you can turn the acolyte into a priest.

As what happens with other MMORPGs, the basis of the game is to complete consecutive individual missions, although you can also participate in missions as teams of up to six players online. In fact, this is essential in order to complete larger missions.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love is a great MMORPG that brings back the spirit of a classic of the genre, offering a well-known and accessible gameplay for everyone. We're talking about a worthwhile replacement for the original Ragnarok Online that's spent so many years as one of the most renown titles in its category.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher

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